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PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY was established through an Act of State Legislature w.e.f. 16th January, 1997. The idea of Technical University was conceived to bring all Technical Institutions and Engineering Colleges, under a common umbrella. This was necessary in view of the specialized nature of teaching in the filed of Technical Education especially in emerging technologies.

All the Engineering College of the State were affiliated to Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar w.e.f. 01.07.97.

While framing the Punjab Technical University Act, every care has been taken so that the University is empowered to deliver and establish Technical Institutions which are responsive to the new innovations in Technical Education and also fall in line with the contemplated industrial collaboration. Management Education also falls within the ambit of Technical Education.

Management is a field which deserves special attention. The Indian industry will have to be made highly professionalized if it has to compete at the International Level. The State is in need of Entrepreneur Managers. The setting up of Business Management Institutions would certainly be helpful in meeting the ever increasing demand for competent Managers.

The world has been shaken by the strong gusty winds of globalization and it is practically impossible for any nation of the world to remain un-effected by its force. Certainly, India also cannot be mere spectator. Ours is a world where turmoil and instability prevails in the socio political scenario. Low level of efficiency and productivity are the negative features of manufacturing and service industry in India. In this kind of a situation, India is trying to pull its way to march with the major economically developing and developed countries. Our industry is waking up to these competitive weaknesses with the opening up of new markets. For survival and growth, Indian Management must open up and be flexible so that it can convert its weaknesses into strengths. It is in this context that management education in India should be shaped to march into 21st Century. It is possible only if the county has a network of higher Management Institutions having state of art infrastructure and facilities and staff comparable to best in the world.

The University proposes to establish multi-disciplinary Centres of Excellence for Advanced Teaching Research and Development and Postgraduate/Doctoral teaching in emerging technologies. These will also have strong linkages with industry through applied research projects, consulting and other supporting services. Centre for excellence in Management is one of the first priorities of the University.