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Rules and Regulations








  • General code of conduct should be such that it maintains the highest tradition of 'Teacher Taught' relationship.
  • All participants must ensure that the campus of the Centre and its facilities are maintained in a neat and clean way.
  • Smoking and consumption of any alcoholic beverage or intoxicant is strictly prohibited within the campus of the Centre.
  • All the participants must strictly abide by the instructions, issued from time to time and conveyed through the notice board of the Centre.
  • CMTR is very serious and sensitive regarding attendance. The academic regulations require a participant to attend 75% of lectures to be eligible to take the examination. However, it is desirable that all participants attend all classes regularly. Participants attending classes over and above 75% will be suitably rewarded.
  • Academic Discipline: The CMTR attaches utmost importance to strict integrity and honesty in academic work by the participants. The participants must maintain strict discipline in class rooms, examinations, tests, quizzes, own time assignments and all other segments of academic work. Resorting to copying or helping to copy in any form in the examination, and/or reproducing passages from written work of others without necessary acknowledgment, and/or passing/receiving papers in connection with any academic work to be evaluated, and/or canvassing for grades is strictly prohibited.

The following do's and don'ts are applicable as far as the academic discipline is concerned:

    • Conduct of the participants in their classes as well as in the premises of the institute shall be such as will cause no disturbance to fellow participants or to other classes
    • Participants must not sit in library; canteen or any other place in the institute premises while the classes are in progress
    • Participants shall do nothing either inside or outside the institute that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline.
    • All participants are expected to attend various functions organized by the centre.
    • Participants must not engage themselves in any kind of political work in the institute's premises.
    • All information/handouts/notes etc. marked as "Restricted circulation" must be retained for their own use by the participants and not passed on or communicated to any unauthorized person or organization without prior permission of the Director.
    • Correct information should always be given while making declarations at any point of time.
    • The process of mutual discussion enhances the intellectual capability of all participants. While free discussions are encouraged any uncivil, malicious, derogatory or defamatory language be avoided. While at the centre, participants are expected to converse in English.
  • Participants must observe the timings notified and fixed for all activities such as class work, library, computer laboratory, etc.
  • The Centre reserves the right to expel a participant or make him leave the Centre at any time for any academic misconduct.
  • For any academic problem, participants are free to seek the advice/guidance of concerned faculty member.
  • The participants are advised to contact Brig. Z.S.Dhaliwal or Mrs. Anita Sharma in case they have any administrative or even personal problems which are likely to affect their academic pursuit adversely. The participants are also free to contact the Director at any time in the event of an emergency.




Library is an important pillar of strength for any educational institution. It is the repertoire of information, facts & opinions necessary to develop understanding, acquire knowledge and carry out further research. Extensive use of library is a must for acquiring knowledge. In using a library the user must always ensure that it remains usable for the future users also. The following rules are intended to meet the twin objective of encouraging extensive usage while ensuring that the library material is retrievable and is preserved for future use.


There will be three categories of members:

Participant Members: All participants registered under any full time program of the CMTR.

Faculty Members: All full time or part time faculty members of CMTR and other non-teaching staff of CMTR.

Special Members: Any one permitted by the Director of the Institute to use the facilities of the Library.

Penalty for Delay

The following fine shall be imposed for late return:

a. Re. 1 per day for first 2 days.

b. Rs.5 per day, per book from day 3 to day 5

c. Rs.25 per day thereafter

d. Maximum fine is limited to the cost of the book

Damage, Mutilation/Loss of Book

It is the responsibility of the borrower to check the book before getting it issued. If there is any damage, mutilation etc., the borrower must bring it to the notice of the Librarian and ensure that the same is recorded by the Librarian on a register before issuing the book. If the Librarian observes any damage or mutilation at the time of return, it will be the sole responsibility of the borrower. Any damage shall have to be made good by the borrower either by getting a fresh copy of the book to be replaced or make payment equivalent to three times the replacement cost of the book. In the event of loss of a book, the borrower shall have to pay three times the replacement cost of the book.

Suspension/Termination of Membership

The Librarian has the authority to recommend to the Director the suspension or termination of any membership if the member is persistently flouting the rules of the library.

Photocopy Facility

Participants who wish to use photocopying facility at the Centre are required to deposit Rs.60/- (Sixty) as advance for photocopying with Mr. Daljit Singh (In charge Photocopying). The rate per copy is Rs.0.60/-. After 90 photocopies, a participant shall once again deposit Rs.60/- for photocopying advance. Participants shall duly sign in the register on each usage of the facility. Balance amount remaining in an account shall be refunded at the end of semester. All photocopying order should be placed one day in advance.

Time to place order: 4.00 P.M.

Time to take delivery: 4:00 P.M. on the following day.


Computer Laboratory


  • All the participants are required to observe strict discipline and obey orders of the instructor in charge and computer lab in charge.
  • The system of education at CMTR is dependent on computers to a large extent and as such proper and utmost care of computers is necessary.
  • Time slots and particular computer terminal will be allocated by the instructor in charge to each participant and should be strictly adhered to.
  • No software or data is to be brought into or taken out from the laboratory on any medium without the prior permission of the instructor in charge.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the computer laboratory.
  • Before entering the computer room they should approach the instructor in charge and enter their name and time of entry in a register maintained for the purpose. Similarly participants should mark and sign when they leave the laboratory.
  • Any unscheduled/unassigned job to be carried out by the participant would require prior approval of the instructor in charge.
  • In the event of any willful damage by the participant the same shall have to be made good by him/ her.
  • Any participant found playing computer games in the laboratory would be debarred from the laboratory for a period of time specified by the instructor in charge.
  • Internet facility should be used for educational purpose only. Use of software like Instant Messenger (Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger etc.), playing games is not allowed.




  • We have a small canteen within the campus. It caters for tea, snacks and light/modest meals during working hours.
  • All payments will be on cash basis. No credit will be allowed.
  • Crockery should be handled with care to avoid any damage or chipping. Any breakage shall be made good by the defaulter.
  • The crockery & cutlery should be used properly. In case of doubt, Brig. Z.S. Dhaliwal should be contacted for learning the correct use. Conduct in canteen should be proper.




  • Participants should neither receive any guests/friends etc. during class timings of the Centre nor entertain any telephone calls except in an emergency.
  • Use of telephone facility will be allowed only in emergency with prior permission of any faculty member. Pagers and Cellular telephones must be kept switched off while on the campus from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM. In the event of any urgent need the students can use the office phone or director's mobile.
  • Parents/guardians of the participants are welcome to contact the Director for any problem/difficulty faced by their sons/daughters/wards.
  • In case of emergency, Parents/Guardians of the participants may contact the Director at his residence. Tele. 0160-2282493, 9815312124.
  • Any suggestion to improve the functioning of the Centre is welcome.
  • The Management of the CMTR reserves the right to add or amend any of the rules and regulations without assigning any reason.
  • The canteen staff should be treated with due respect. In case of any dispute with canteen staff, it should be brought to the notice of the Director.
  • The participants should conduct themselves meticulously during any social or formal functions.